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FL172-2037 LAU-7/A-1, /A-2, /A-3 Missile Launcher 1969-1975

FL172-2037 LAU-7/A-1, /A-2, /A-3 Missile Launcher 1969-1975

SKU: FL172-2037-LAU-7-A-1-A-2-A-3-MISSILE-LAUNCHER-1969-1975

Set of four (4) 3D printed launchers

In May of 1969, AAC 545 introduced the Fin Retaining Clip for the AIM-9D/G/H Sidewinder, creating the LAU-7/A-1.

In January of 1971, AAC-537-1 introduced the Detent Holdback Pin, creating the LAU-7/A-2.

By 1972, the launcher was re-designated as the LAU-7/A-3 and became the preeminent launcher used in Vietnam with over 2800 produced and equipping A-4, A-6, F-4, F-8 and OV-10 aircraft.

Our sincere thanks to Gerry Whiteside and Bill Arndt for their assistance with research.

Master CAD files produced by Richard VanZandt