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FL35-5002 LAU-68F/A APKWS Pod (empty)

FL35-5002 LAU-68F/A APKWS Pod (empty)

SKU: fl35-5002-lau-68f/a apkws pod (empty)

This set includes two empty LAU-68F/A pods. The F/A is 11 inches longer than the LAU-68D/A and is used exclusively with the 2.75 APKWS rockets. Pod is used by the F/A-18, AV-8B, AH-1Z, UH-1Y, A-10, F-16 and a number of other aircraft.

Pods are 3D printed and come ready to paint and attach to your model (no casting blocks or supports to remove).

Our 1/32 scale pod is shown next to the 1/35 pod in the second photo for size comparison between the two scales.