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FL48-8015 1005/1043 F/A-18C/D pylons for BuNo's 163985 thru 165687 (F/A-18A++)

FL48-8015 1005/1043 F/A-18C/D pylons for BuNo's 163985 thru 165687 (F/A-18A++)

SKU: fl48-8015-1005/1043 f/a-18c/d pylons for buno's 163985 thru 165532 (f/a-18a++)

Set FL48-8015 contains four correct SUU-63C/A wing pylons and one correct SUU-62C/A centerline pylon for the F/A-18A++, C and D.

Each set also includes five (5) unlocked BRU-32's and five (5) locked BRU-32's to more accurately depict the different configurations with or without ordnance loaded. 

These pylons are correct for F/A-18C and D aircraft with BuNo's 163985 thru 165532 and aircraft upgraded to F/A-18A++ standard. The F/A-18A++ can be easily identified by the installation of the SJU-17 NACES ejection seat, IFF antenna on the nose, GPS dome and swept back upper and lower UHF/VHF antenna, while the airframe still retains its original F/A-18A antenna suite. 

While the locating holes are designed to fit the Hasegawa series of F/A-18 kits, they will fit all other kits with little to no modification needed. They not only correct the shape of the kit pylons, they provide details unmatched by the kit supplied parts. All pylons are 3D printed and require little clean up to remove the print support nibs. 

Master Pattern files created by Richard VanZandt