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FL48-8085 ADM-141 TALD (Tactical Air Launched Decoy)

FL48-8085 ADM-141 TALD (Tactical Air Launched Decoy)

SKU: fl48-8085-adm-141 tald (tactical air launched decoy)

This set includes three (3) ADM-141 TALD. 

The TALD was used with great success on SEAD missions in the opening stages of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. More than 100 were launched on the opening night of the war. This prompted the Iraqi air defense to activate many of its radars most of which were then destroyed by anti-radiation missiles.

While almost all of our ordnance items are removed from the print supports prior to packaging, this item will be an exception. Due to the very fragile nature of the fins, it was necessary to leave the supports in place. These can be removed with careful cutting using a fine tipped sprue cutter. 

Start with the support nib attached to the TALD, then cut at the base. 

Designed by Sandro Maljic and Richard VanZandt