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FL48-8091 GBU-16 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb

FL48-8091 GBU-16 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb

SKU: fl48-8091-gbu-16 1000lb laser guided bomb

This set includes four (4) GBU-16 laser guided bombs. For ease of alignment, while still being easy to paint, the guidance sections and warheads are printed together. 

** Due to slight variations in the printers used, it may be necessary to drill out the holes for the fins in the guidance section using a .0292 (#69) drill bit. 

Use a small tipped sprue cutter or very sharp blade to remove the seeker head and fins from their supports. 

Bomb body and tail sections are removed from their supports prior to curing and come as shown in the photo.

Designed by Jarrad Bradley