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FL48019 AH-1Z Marine Skid Kid Zulu's

FL48019 AH-1Z Marine Skid Kid Zulu's

SKU: fl48019-ah-1z marine skid kid zulu's

After our amazingly successful release of almost the same sheet in 1/35 scale, we have scaled down the markings for the Kittyhawk kit. 

FL48019 Marine Skid Kid Zulu's

- 13 options, at least one from each HMLA and a few attached to MEU's.

- Stencils for the LAU-68 and LAU-61 Rocket pods.

Multiple Marines from across the Skid Kid community assisted with reference photos and information to ensure the markings were correct, to include the fonts used for some markings. Various squadrons S-5 Officers, Maintenance Control, Air Frames, Ordnance and QA Marines made this possible.

The sheet measures 5.5 x 8.0 inches and will include full color placement guides.