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FL72002 Marine Aviation Combat Element

FL72002 Marine Aviation Combat Element

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This sheet features markings for eight different Marine Corps aircraft.

KC-130F VMGRT-253 Titans - MCAS Cherry Point, NC 2006

F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knights - Operation Desert Storm 1990/1991

EA-6B VMAQ-1 Banshees - MCAS Cherry Point, NC 2011

AV-8B II Plus VMA-231 Ace of Spades - Operation Inherent Resolve 2017

MV-22B VMM-163 Evil Eyes - MCAS Miramar, CA 2015

AH-1Z HMLA-267 Stingers - 11th MEU 2019

CH-53E HMH-464 Condors - MCAS New River 2008

UH-1N HMLA-773 Red Dogs - NAS Atlanta, GA 2006

Printed by Microscale